Tips for Buying your First Motorcycle


If your days of wishing you owned a motorcycle are over and you’re ready to initiate yourself into the family of bikers, there are a few things you should know before buying your first ride. Similar to cars and trucks, not all motorcycles are the same. Depending on what you’re looking to get out of the experience, there are some important decisions you will need to make.

What Kind?

First off, what kind of bike are you looking for? A heavy hog that roars like a lion? A speedy street bike that makes your hair stand on end? For the beginner, it is a good idea to research the pros and cons of the popular models of motorcycles. These include Cruisers, Sportbikes, Touring, DualSport and Standard. If your purpose is to take day trips to destination sites, then a high-quality Touring bike is the way to go. However, if you feel the need for speed, then a Sportbike may be a better fit. Interested in off-road riding? A DualSport bike will provide the necessary handling to navigate rough terrain. Take some time to consider your lifestyle, the amount you want to spend and the purpose of owning a motorcycle before making a purchase.

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Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter can be one of the longest seasons of the year for motorcycle owners. Dangerous weather conditions and cold temperatures often lead to putting your baby away for several months. For any die hard rider, this can cause a serious case of the blues. Instead of longing for spring and the chance to get back on the road, make use of the winter months by performing necessary maintenance on your bike. This will keep your motorcycle in good condition and ready for use come springtime.
Here are a few suggested tips for winter motorcycle maintenance.

Pre-Storage Cleaning

blog_closeupMany motorcycle owners will have a storage plan for their bike. From portable garages to all-weather tarps, there are a variety of storage options that will keep your bike safe from the elements. Before putting your ride into storage, it’s recommended you give it a final and thorough cleaning. Getting rid of mud, dirt and other debris can reduce paint corrosion and prevent rust. You may also want to consider a wax and polish job to deter damage from moisture.
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