The holiday season is upon us and whether you or a loved one is a rider, you know that owning a motorcycle is a lifestyle. From long road trips to bike maintenance and upgrades, motorcyclists are always thinking about their next adventure. As you search for the perfect gift, consider these recommendations for riders.

Wearable Storage Bags

holiday giftsSome riders lack space with their bike’s current storage solution and have to keep packing minimal. With this in mind, wearable and collapsible storage bags have started gaining traction for their versatility and adaptability, particularly when a motorcyclist only needs to take along rain or protective gear.

Collapsible tail bags are small enough to double as a seat pad. Roll bags can offer waterproof protection, which is essential for keeping your belongings dry.

Kevlar Jeans

These riding pants offer head-to-toe protection against road rash and more severe injuries. At a glance, they look like ordinary denim jeans, yet the construction is fortified with the strength of Kevlar, an abrasion-resistant synthetic material used across a range of protective riding and tactical apparel.

Bike Phone Mount

As smartphones serve multiple functions, there’s often no need to purchase a separate GPS or radio. To keep this device secure and accessible on a motorcycle, a phone mount attaches to the bike’s handlebars and is strong enough to handle long-term exposure to the elements.

Face Mask

Come spring, the wind will be blowing and the sun will reach a high point by late morning. Although the day looks beautiful, this weather forecast is a recipe for sun and wind burn. Lightweight face masks offer a stretchy, one-piece design that’s slid over the neck and up over the mouth and nose. The fabric is treated to offer wind and UV resistance, so it creates more than a physical barrier.

Cleaning Supplies and Kits

Motorcycle maintenance is never a one-shot deal. Hardcore enthusiasts often have a slew of specialized products in their garage but after some time, these run out. This season, help the rider in your life replenish their stash with a full motorcycle cleaning kit. Meguiar’s has one of the most popular kits with everything you need to remove dirt and grease, lubricate parts and more.

Waterproof, Insulated Socks

Not the ordinary cotton, polyester or acrylic woven varieties, these heavy-duty, riding-friendly socks strengthen the warmth and protection your boots offer. Wool or wool-blend construction naturally wicks away moisture, while controlling odors. The material also offers a high degree of insulation for its weight and thus won’t be bulky. Certain models come with a waterproof liner that ensures moisture won’t seep through whenever a rainstorm catches you by surprise.
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