When spring weather arrives in Connecticut, there is one group of people who are more excited than anyone else. These would be motorcycle owners, who have waited patiently for warm weather through snow and cold weather, so they could once again enjoy their passion: riding motorcycles.

Getting back on the road after the long winter is a great feeling, but before you go full throttle, there are necessary steps to ensure your bike is ready to ride.

Here are some simple maintenance tips every motorcycle owner should know when getting a bike ready for spring riding.

Test the Brakes

man performing maintenance repairs on his motorcycleIf your bike has been in storage over the winter, there is a chance the brakes may have seized up. This can lead to fluid absorbing moisture, which can make the brakes feel spongy. Before you hop on, it’s a good idea to walk your bike around the driveway and test the brakes. The last thing you want is suddenly realize your brakes need repair when cruising on the roads. It is also recommended that you clean any surface corrosion from brake discs so they are in top form.

Check the Fluids

Many bikers will put a fuel additive in their tanks before storing a bike for the winter. In the case you did not, there is a chance that the fuel injectors could be clogged. It is a good idea to fill the tank with fresh fuel and new fuel filters after a thorough cleaning of the injectors. Also check the oil and, if necessary, do a full oil change to ensure no moisture got into the system.

Renew Insurance and Registration

Preparing your bike for the new riding season is one thing, but making sure you are ready to be a rider again is quite another. Many of us overlook paperwork, but if you take to the roads without insurance or an updated registration, you could be looking at a short ride and hefty fine. Contact your local insurance agent and confirm that your motorcycle insurance is valid and up-to-date. Further verify that your motorcycle is registered and check to see if you have any outstanding tickets that you may have forgotten to pay at the end of last season.