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In 2008, Trantolo & Trantolo launched Steel Ponies – the women riders club. There are no dues and no meetings. The sole purpose of the club is to connect women riders to each other by providing women-only rides. We are women, hear us roar by.


Riders report

My Heart Swelled with Pride

The Hometown wheels ride was yesterday to benefit the Special Olympics. As usual it rained and did we ever get wet! It always rains for this ride. No matter what weekend in August is scheduled, it rains. Why?

I had time to think about that while we were riding and I thought maybe the rain was God’s tears for our Special Olympians? Or maybe it was raining so we could have a taste of the struggle that these Special Olympians go through every day of their lives? I was trying to justify why any of us were out there riding or volunteering in the downpour and questioning our collective sanity.

Well let me tell you – all you had to do to know in your heart that this was the right thing to do was to block an intersection and watch as the Special Olympians rode through in the classic cars. Their smiles and waves filled my heart with pride.

After lunch, they went around and personally thanked us all for coming out. They got such joy out of the day and it was contagious even though we were dripping wet and cold.

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