Thank you for organizing and leading a wonderful ride to Waterford yesterday. This is the third ride I have had the privilege of riding with your group and it was just as great as the others. You know great back roads all over this state! The pace is perfect as it allows everyone to enjoy the scenery while operating with safe skills. I also had no idea there was a restaurant under the bridge in Waterford. Hopefully I’ll get to join you again.
Kathleen N.

Hello Norm, this is Roland Lebeau from Westfield on the red Roadglide, I was one of the riders with you today on the wonderful Ride. I just wanted to say thank you again for the excellent leadership, safety and guidance. I am not able to attend these rides too often because I am usually very busy doing other things around the house or family obligations but I am glad I was able to join you and the others. Unfortunately my wife will never get on the back of a bike, she has no interest, you are very lucky your wife enjoys this with you and does not mind being on the back of your bike. It was very Generous for you and your firm to offer to pick up the tab for lunch, I did not expect this and it is greatly appreciated. I would like to return the gesture some day. I still work and planning to retire next year and this should give me more time to ride I hope. Once again thank you for your hospitality and for making the Ride to the great destination today, I will certainly remember for a long time, take care.
Roland L.

Norm, I want to thank you for the fantastic group ride you had out of Old School Harley Davidson. This was my first group ride with you and I loved it. I’m a first season rider and this route was easy. Never got above 50 mph just an nice relaxing day nice twists and scenery with new friends. Thank you Trantolo and Trantolo for sponsoring these rides and allowing Norm to bring riders together. I would also like to thank you for the swag as well as lunch. I will definitely be joining in future rides and bringing my son along as well when he gets his Harley! Thanks again and keep up the great job!! See you soon and ride safe!
Gil F.

Norm, I have to commend you and the Trantolo group for the excellent ride and lunch to Kimble Farms, New Hampshire. The ride thru the towns and country side was spectacular and well organized. The Weather thou a little on the chilly side (Thank God I wore warm gear) Was invigorating. The company was second to none. Everyone was pleasant and friendly. In fact another rider (Zak I believe) and I split off on the return home and did another 3 hrs. heading west thru some twisties. All in all a Great Day and Ride. I thank You, Your Wife, and your friend who stayed in the rear (Unfortunately I didn’t get their names), as well as Trantolo and Trantolo, who sponsored the lunch, and look forward to other great rides in the future. Thank You.
Bill C.


Thanks for taking us out last weekend, also thanks to Trantolo for the lunch. Roads were very good and for the most part lightly traveled. I remember riding through Monson on 32 a couple of months after the tornado years back. The devastation was incredible. Good to see they rebuilt and fixed everything up. I usually take 32 to 32A to 202/122 and take 78 through MT Grace state forest to NH 119, so it was good to get a different view up 202 all the way. Avoided most busy intersections and town centers – good planning. I’ve been on some of those roads before, but was pleased with the new roads I hadn’t been on. Good job leading the ride, kept everyone safe and together. Breaks/stops were appropriately placed. The pace was nice and relaxed, and observed posted speed limits. I prefer a little more spirited pace, but this was OK. Eatery choice was very good. Food was good, service was good, place was clean. I believe there were 16 bikes in all, and everyone rode responsibly. I lead several rides a year (smaller groups), so I have an appreciation for the planning and effort (a little stressful too) it takes to lead a ride. It was good to ride with a group and not have to worry about the route and getting people home safe. Thanks for all of your efforts Norm.
John C.

Norm, I would like to thank you and Trantolo and Trantolo for a great ride on Sunday, the route lead us through Lichfield county and the trees starting to change color were beautiful. Keep up the great work and lunch was great also. Hopefully we can do more rides like these.
Robert H.

“Absolutely fantastic ride. Well planned, well executed. Route was sent to us to review before the run. Norman was a perfect gracious host for this ride. Lunch was awesome. New to this group, we were welcomed immediately and made to feel at home. Thank you so much for an awesome ride Norman / Trantolo. Part of what made this great is that Norman keeps it fairly small. He tried to stay at 20 bikes or so, but this time capped it around 30. If everyone knew how great his group is, 1,000 riders would try to sign up. I saw this group on Facebook for a while now, and finally decided to give it a try. I will be doing many more with this group as long as they will have me! Thanks again!”
Michael M.

“Rides with Norm are absolutely fantastic. He picks the most scenic and best routes. He’s a very good lead, riding at a nice relaxing pace, will not let the group get separated at traffic lights. Everything is very well planned including lunch stops at great places. My husband and I are totally hooked, and are looking forward to future rides. Other than that, CT Ride Guide has always kept us very well informed on all bike events in CT. Great resource! Thanks for everything you do!”
Magdalena S.

Norm, thank you so much for organizing and leading the ride today. I was concerned about coming alone, but everyone was so friendly and helpful. The pace of the ride was perfect so that we could take in the beautiful foliage as we wondered through the northeast corner. Lunch was an unexpected bonus and greatly appreciated. I would love to join you all on other rides. Thank you again. Stay safe.”
Kathleen N.