Courtesy of Robert Kenney, Connecticut State Police Theft Division

  1. Park motorcycle in an area that is visible and has good lighting. Park where you can see the motorcycle from a restaurant or bar.
  2. Use good quality locking devices. The CLUB wheel lock and other such heavy-duty locks are difficult to defeat. If you buy a padlock for $5.00, it is probably going to be easily defeated or cut.
  3. Use multiple locking devices whenever possible. Include a fork lock, disc lock and/or wheel locks.
  4. Most thefts occur when a motorcycle is parked in a public area. In many cases, the Biker leaves the motorcycle unlocked, believing that he or she will be close by. Many bike thieves follow motorcycles and wait for an opportunity to steal them. These thieves also follow bikers home to learn where the motorcycle is stored.
  5. During the winter months, most bikes are stolen from homes and garages. Make sure that you lock your bike with multiple locks even in your house or garage.
  6. The most common motorcycle stolen is the Harley-Davidson Softail model. This is due to the fact that it is the most common model and the parts are common to many other motorcycles.
  7. What happens when a motorcycle is stolen? In Connecticut the motorcycle is usually disassembled for parts. In many cases, the numbered parts are replaced with aftermarket parts and a “new” motorcycle is born. The best way to identify your motorcycle is with personal identification markings on as many parts as possible. Some motorcycles have the identification numbers changed or may be exported out of state or country.
  8. There are between 50 and 100 Harley Davidson Motorcycles reported stolen in Connecticut each year. There are between 200 and 300 Japanese and other brand motorcycles reported stolen in Connecticut each year. Of these motorcycles, few are recovered due to the fact that they are usually disassembled and sold for parts. The Japanese bikes most commonly stolen are the Super Bikes that are used for parts and engines.