Winter Prep & Storage Guide

No matter if Winter is around the bend, or if you no longer have room in the garage, we understand that sometimes you just a safe place to keep your ride. So we came up with a few places to store your bikes and a 10-step check list if you want to do it yourself. If you store with a dealer, you could have some parts or accessories installed over the Winter, or at the very least, have it ready when we can get back on in the Spring.

We’ll be adding to the list, but here’s a start:

Badd Custom Cycle, Wolcott
Yankee Harley Davidson, Bristol
Doc’s, Waterbury
Enfield Motorsports, Enfield
Mark’s Motorsports, Enfield
Gengras Harley-Davidson, East Hartford
TSI Harley Davidson, Ellington and Columbia
PT Custom, Somers
Danbury Harley-Davidson, Danbury
Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson, Groton
Bridgeport Harley-Davidson, Stratford
Fritz’s Harley-Davidson, Stamford
Canton Cycle, Winsted
Happy Hauler (Bolton Notch RV), Bolton

Do it yourself

If you’d rather do it yourself, here is a ten step guide to keeping your bike in top shape and ready to ride next spring. If you need detailed info for each step, click here

1. Where to put your bike

  • Store your bike out of direct sunlight to avoid ultraviolet damage to finishes and big swings in ambient temperature.
  • Trapped moisture is your enemy. Choose a specially designed motorcycle cover made of breathable and mildew resistant fabric.

2. Change the oil and filter

  • Consider a winter grade oil for an easier spring start-up
  • Dispos of oil and filter properly

3. Add fuel stabilizer and drain carbs

  • Only drain carbs if you’re storing more than 4 months

4. Lube the cylinder(s)

  • Only if you’re storing more than 6 months

5. Battery storage

  • The battery must be removed and charged every 2 weeks
  • Add distilled water to conventional battery cells, and charge

6. Surface preparation

  • Wax and buff to protect against rust and moisture
  • Apply light spray of WD-40 to frame, engine, other metal surfaces

7. Exhausts and mufflers

  • Drain muffler holes
  • Spray WD-40 into muffler ends
  • Loosely stuff pipe(s) with plastic shopping bag(s)
  • Cover muffler with plastic bag

8. Tires

  • Inflate properly
  • Put cardboard or wood (1/4″ – ½”) under tires to keep from freezing
  • Don’t use tire dressing

9. Service all fluids

10. Cover it and look forward to spring when the fun begins all over again!